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Trusted AC Repair Service Company in Seminole, Florida

With the hot summers of Seminole, we could not stay comfortable without a local air conditioning service company we can rely on. Thankfully, Total Air can help keep your cooling system at peak efficiency, to help you stay comfortable all year round. Providing expert services to the residents of the area for over 10 years, you know that our technicians must be doing something right. In fact it is our dedication to staying up to date on the latest technologies and our excellent customer services that help us stay in business!

What We Do

As your local air conditioning service company in Seminole, Total Air focuses on keeping your system in top shape so you can stay at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.

Once you call our AC repair office in Seminole, expect our trained technicians to show up at your doorstep. Our team will diagnose your unit to determine the problem. Once the issue is clear, we provide the appropriate solution to restore the comfort in your home in no time. Because we’re committed to keeping your comfort, we also help you maintain your cooling system.

Our maintenance services are vital to keeping your AC system working at peak efficiency. Usually it is when you don’t think any problem will occur that your unit breaks down and leaves you in the need of emergency work. Instead of facing this kind of stressful situation, you can schedule regular maintenance appointments with professional technicians to take a look at your system and ensure any small issue will be taken care of!

As a general rule, your Seminole air conditioning service company will perform several checks and maintenance work including:

  • Check Filters: These should be changed regularly to help keep your air clean and free of pollutants.
  • Lubrication of the moving parts: If proper lubrication is lacking, parts of your cooling system will be working harder to produce the same amount of cold air, which will use more energy.
  • Clean coils: The coils located in the evaporator and condenser will collect dirt and dust, cleaning them will help your AC work better.
  • Check electrical components and connections: Common breakdowns are caused by issues in the electrical components of the unit. Making sure all is right will protect you from electrical hazards.
  • Inspect thermostat settings: To help you make sure you are not paying more than you should to your electricity provider, we will check on the thermostat and help you set it to the most efficient setting.
  • Review system controls: Making sure your AC starts, operates, and shuts off correctly is the basics of air conditioning maintenance and should be taken seriously. Small noises or smells detected can be signs of repairs needed
  • Verify refrigerant levels: For your Seminole cooling system to work efficiently, it needs the perfect amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioning service company will ensure your unit has the right amount and that there aren’t any leaks.
  • Check blower mechanisms: Any issues connected to your blower can affect the airflow and reduce your AC’s efficiency by 15%.

The Total Air Promise

Total Air is the premier air conditioning service company located around Seminole. This is possible thanks to trained and certified technicians who work to provide our clients with the best service possible. Our experts will work with a variety of brands of HVAC systems so you can be sure we can service your home and know exactly what to do with your unit.

Total Air offers competitive prices and always gives you a free estimate for the services you request. While we always recommend scheduling regular maintenance, we are aware that your cooling system may break down unexpectedly. For this reason, we offer 24 hour emergency service so you can get back to your routine as quickly as possible.

Our services in Seminole go way further than simple maintenance, we’ll handle any AC repair as well as replacement and new installations you need. We will even be able to help you keep your commercial building cool this summer.

If you would like more information about our services, or have questions regarding the functioning of your system, call Total Air, your trusted air conditioning service company, today at (727) 822-7700.

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Total Air, Inc. Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

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Review of Total Air, Inc.

Map of Seminole, FL

Excellent service overall

Review of Total Air, Inc.

tech explained everything very well and seemed very knowledgeable. Over all very please with service even though I had to spend much more than I had hoped on repairs. I don't really have any way to gauge service value but based on past repairs with other companies seemed to be average.

Map of Seminole, FL

Surgey was the tech for this visit. he was prompt, courteous, thorough, and informative. Technicians like him will insurw yoour continue success in bu

Review of Total Air, Inc.

Thanks again for great service. My wife and I will surely recommend you to anyone who needs thia type of service, Thanks. HPD

Tabatha S.

Tabatha S.

Install 14 Seer 2 Ton Straight Air Conditioner With Front Draw Air Handler, Will Need Crane To Lift Condensing Unit On Roof, Will Need Specially Breakers, Mount And Secure Stand To Platform, New T-6 Honeywell Thermostat. Price Includes All Taxes, Labor And Permits

Near Park Blvd N, Seminole, FL 33777

Upon arrival performed maintenance. Went over the system and all of the operations. Found the 35/4 MFD capacitor was reading low. Recommend on replacing and we moved forward on that. Installed a turbo with a 5 year warranty. Left system in good working order.

Near Cedarwood Cir, Seminole, FL 33777

Completed member tune up #1. I flushed and cleared the drain line because the float switch was tripped. The condenser had a weak dual capacitor (warranty 40/5). I recommended replacing the capacitor and install a surge protector. Customer declined the surge protector for now but wants to replace the capacitor. I replaced the dual capacitor and left the system in good running order.

Near 70th Terrace N, Seminole, FL 33772

Performed systems tune up. Inspected all electrical components and found no issues. Rinsed both condensers due to being impacted. Air handles a starting to get dirty but no cleaning needed yet. Cleared the drain I could. Left systems running. Note: we couldn't clear the drains for the Air Handlers of condenser 2 because fences and construction materials blocking access.

Near 90th St, Seminole, FL 33777

Service call: no cool When I got here the condenser was not working but the unit was calling, I found that the contactor has failed. I replaced the contactor and the unit turned on. I went through the whole system and found a few other things. C/U- has a weak capacitor. (45/7.5 mfd) A/H- has a weak capacitor ( 15 mfd). The sensing bulb was very loose on the evaporator coil, so I zip tied it tight. I cleared out the drain line with coil cleaner and water. I checked the unit in heat mode as well. I got the okay from the customer to do the recommended repairs. So I replaced the contactor and both capacitors. I signed him up for a year maintenance program as well. THERE IS DIE IN THE SYSTEM. So on our next maintenance we need to double check the pressures and make sure we don't need to check for leaks. I loaded all the information to service titan along with my pictures, and left the system in proper working condition.

Near Coachlight Cir, Seminole, FL 33776

Upon arrival preformed maintenance. Cleared drain line. Checked pressures and made adjustment due to the coil change out. Checked all electrical components. Found failed uv bulb, need to order and replace. (Frank paid for bulb already just need to set up a time with Nicole to get back out.) Found weak dual run capacitor, and also contactor starting to pit. Recommended to replace and add surge protector. The cause of weak dual run capacitor and contactor which is starting to pit is from voltage fluctuation and surges, a common everyday cause. Would highly recommend on installing the dual run capacitor before it fails, and highly recommend the surge protector to prolong and protect the system. Recommend contactor also. Let us know when you would like to move forward. Left the system in good working order.

Near 115th St N, Seminole, FL 33772

They told me whenever they cycled the system off it would cycle back on when it’s not supposed to. I found the nest thermostat temperature reading is wrong. It was a 5 degree difference from what I measured with my thermometer and therefore would cause the system to cycle on. I replaced the nest thermostat with a WiFi thermostat, cycled and monitored the system in both cool and heat mode. I was going to walk him thru setting up the WiFi but he doesn’t know the WiFi code. He will have his wife do it. I left the system in good running order.

Near Cheyenne Dr, Seminole, FL 33777

On this visit I installed a turbo 200 capacitor, Pure air X and Elite UV systems and sealed entire duct work. Left system in perfect working order.

Near 102nd Ave N, Seminole, FL 33778

Upon arrival found the system really low on freon. Added 6 lbs of 410A and performed at leak test. Found evap coil leaking. It needs to be replace. The way the this unit was installed we need to get the closet door off of the wall to be able to get coil out. I we replaced the coil and system needs more freon it will be an extra charge System and labor are cover under warranty. Freon is not cover.

Near 115th St N, Seminole, FL 33772
Tabatha S.

Tabatha S.

I completed a category 3 tune up on the whole system. I cleared the drain as well. A/H- my delta-T was at 20° with supply temperature of 54.3°. Found that pure X UV light bulb needed to be replaced, customer said it's been over two years. J went ahead and replaced it for him. The capacitor is starting to go weak. ( it's a 7.5 mfd road 7.17 mfd). C/U-fan motor is slightly over amping. (Amp draw was .83 and its rated for 0.8 amps.) Everything else checked out to be in proper working condition. I left the system in proper working condition.

Near 102nd Ave N, Seminole, FL 33778