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Are you new to the trade and ready to jump start your career? Come learn from Only the Best!


Use your skills and experience to help Keep St. Pete Cool! Mix of Residential and Light Commercial Service and Maintenance.

What Does Success Feel Like?

  • Pride in a Job Well Done - Always learning and growing
  • Serving the Community - Are you new to the trade and ready to jump start your career? Come learn from Only the Best!
  • Respect From Your Peers - When everyone on your team has the same great work ethic as you, it's easy to give respect and feel a camaraderie.

Want to be part of the Total Air Family?

Call (727) 822-7700, apply online or drop by the office:

3100 39th Avenue North

St. Petersburg, FL 33714

Contact Us to find out more. All potential candidates must:

  • Have a clean driving record
  • Pass a Background and Drug Screening
  • Be prepared for at least 2 interviews
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What type of training would I get as an HVAC technician?

The majority of HVAC technicians receive at least some specialized training before starting employment. Most HVAC technicians nowadays begin their education by attending a technical school or community college. Shorter programs can take as little as six months and lead to an HVAC technician certificate, whereas lengthier programs can last up to two years and lead to an associate degree. HVAC professionals can start preparing for this sort of training as early as high school by completing math, physics and shop classes.

What skills can I learn as an HVAC technician?

HVAC training will provide you with a strong foundation in a variety of HVAC systems and procedures. You'll learn how to install, maintain and troubleshoot the following:

  • Heating and cooling (evaporators, compressors, condensers, etc.)
  • Tools, equipment, methods and components for refrigeration.
  • Duct systems for heating and humidification.

You'll also learn about the building as a whole, as well as how building design affects factors like humidity, heat, ventilation and energy efficiency.

What are some skills an HVAC technician needs?

Communication Skills: Working with clients is a big part of what it takes to be an HVAC professional. You must be able to clearly describe what has to be done and why as the expert. 


Ability to Solve Problems: An HVAC technician must be able to diagnose and correct problems. An HVAC expert must diagnose what is faulty and get it operating again.


Work with Heavy Objects and Machinery with Confidence:  HVAC equipment can be large and cumbersome. To execute duties, these experts are frequently required to lift heavy equipment. 

Computer Skills and Aptitude: Many aspects of HVAC technology are moving toward digitalization. HVAC technicians must be competent to operate the digital components of the equipment they are installing, maintaining or repairing. Similarly, many businesses utilize software to keep track of their clients and personnel.

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