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Is blown-in attic insulation worth it?

Yes, blown-in attic insulation is often worth it. This method provides effective coverage in hard-to-reach areas, reducing energy bills by improving insulation efficiency. It forms a seamless layer that reduces air leakage, prevents heat loss, and enhances indoor comfort. The application process is quick, and blown-in insulation adapts well to irregular spaces. However, the effectiveness depends on factors like the insulation material used and the existing insulation. Consulting with insulation professionals can help determine the best approach based on your specific needs and budget.

Which insulation is best for attics in Florida?

In Florida, where the climate is warm, reflective or radiant barrier insulation is often recommended for attics. These materials, like foil-faced insulation, help reflect radiant heat away from the living space, reducing the overall heat gain in the attic. Additionally, fiberglass and cellulose insulation can be effective. Consult with a local insulation professional to determine the most suitable option based on factors such as climate, energy efficiency goals, and your specific attic conditions.

Should you remove old attic insulation before adding new?

In some cases, removing old attic insulation before adding new insulation is advisable. If the existing insulation is damaged, contaminated, or insufficient, removal ensures a clean and effective installation of new insulation. However, if the old insulation is in good condition, adding new insulation on top may be a cost-effective option. Consulting with insulation professionals can help evaluate the condition of existing insulation and determine the best approach for your specific situation and energy efficiency goals.

Seal Your Attic To Save Money! 

Attic insulation is not just protection against cold weather. A properly sealed house is also going to let in less of that burning hot, St Pete air. This is great news for anyone who wants to spend less money cooling their home in the summer (or heating it in the winter.)

Whether you choose conventional fiberglass batts or state-of-the-art spray foam, Total Air does it all. And we mean that!

Due to the complexities of the materials used in these jobs, attic insulation is not something you want to tackle yourself. Instead, leave it to the pros at Total Air.  Since 2003 we've been making St Pete a cooler place! Call 727-822-7700 today and get that process started in your home!

Ownes Corning Pro Cat

A Trusted Company Plus A Trusted Brand

Total Air is an Owens Corning Certified Air Car Professional! We're proud to offer the Owens Corning® ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation for your home. This attic insulation features an advanced, new formula to keep your house protected against the climate and the critters. It's also quick and easy to install.

ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation will not absorb moisture; it is not a nutrient source for mold and fungi or a food source for pests. Not only does it make your home more energy efficient, but a properly insulated home is quieter! Best of all, ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation is guaranteed to maintain its insulating power for the lifetime of the home.

Research shows that almost every home in the United States is not properly insulated. Because it's not as fun or high profile as some home improvements, people try to cut corners on insulation. However, you'll eventually realize the importance of doing it right when you see how high your power bill can climb in the summer.

Make sure your attic is properly insulated to reduce wasted energy and help your HVAC system work its best. Call Total Air today to schedule a consultation.

New And Replacement Ductwork

You have regular maintenance scheduled for your HVAC system and even make sure to change the filters on a regular basis... but what about the biggest part of your system? Your ductwork is literally the largest component in keeping your house at the proper temperature.  If it's old, leaky or simply beginning to fail, it can waste almost one third of the air it's moving. It also becomes a place to pollutants into the air your home.

Once again, Total Air is proud to partner with the industry leader here, as well. Owens Corning is not only the most trusted name in insulation, but it's also the best choice for air distribution solutions! Call 727-822-7700 today to get the most out of your St. Petersburg, FL area home!

Total Air, Inc. is an independent contractor and is not an affiliate of Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC or its affiliated companies.

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