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Multi-Zone Solutions

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What Is A Multi-Zone Solution From Mitsubishi?

Cooling and heating zones are defined spaces within homes where the cooling and heating system is controlled by a centrally located thermostat. In homes with traditional multi-zone cooling and heating systems, the zones are often large and can take up as much as entire floors or basements. The systems needed to maintain these large zones often require separate outdoor units coupled with large amounts of duct work.

Mitsubishi Electric’s efficient multi-zone comfort systems connect up to eight individual indoor air handling units to a single outdoor condensing unit, providing comfort conditioning to the rooms used most or the entire home. Inside, many attractive and discrete indoor unit styles are available. These include wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling recessed, and ducted options.

All units offer whisper-quiet operation and allergen filtration, while convenient wired or wireless controllers give you the freedom to set each zone to your perfect comfort level. Mitsubishi Electric multi-zone systems offer these great benefits at up to 40% in energy savings versus traditional systems. To learn more about Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-zone systems, please visit us at mitsubishicomfort.com. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating.

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