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Prep Your House Now For The Summer Heat Coming Later
Is Your House Ready For Hot Weather? Wow is it nice outside in Florida during the winter! Blue skies and mild temps are pretty much…
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What Do The Experts Say About Air Conditioning Maintenance?
Did you know that when it comes to air conditioning maintenance only 42% of homeowners are getting the maintenance that they need to protect their…
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Why Is it Important to Do AC Maintenance in the Spring?
With two-thirds of U.S. homes having air conditioners, many homeowners often find themselves wondering when the best time to schedule AC repair services is. While…
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4 Tips For Getting Your AC Ready For Springtime
Even though we are right in the middle of a very long -- very cold -- winter, homeowners should still ensure that their air conditioners…
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Over the Winter: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important
Approximately two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners. Additionally, about 20% of all the homes that were constructed during the 1980s have…
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What’s the Best Way to Run an Air Conditioner?
Now that temperatures are heating up and the summer season is right around the corner, many Americans are getting ready to switch on their AC…
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As a Brutal Summer Approaches, Families Need to Make Sure AC Units Are Fully Functioning
It's only May, but we've already seen temperatures in the 90s across the United States. In already-hot areas of the country like Florida, if you're…
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Go Green, Save Green: AC Maintenance Tips To Save Energy and Money
These days, homeowners are more concerned with making a positive environmental impact than ever before. And of course, the average homeowner would likely love to…
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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Home’s Air Conditioning
You should always monitor your home's air conditioning units. Without proper air conditioning, your home will not only be misusing its energy output, causing financial…
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Caring for Your AC Unit in the Winter
About 20% of all homes built through the 1980s have air conditioning equipment that is well over 20 years old. If you have an air…
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