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Cold fronts coming through Largo might make you think about switching the AC off, but have you thought about getting some end-of-season air conditioning services? One last visit from your local professionals is the best way to ensure your unit is ready for the winter and will start back up like a charm when the days start to get warmer in the spring.

Why is it important?

While your cooling unit may keep your home at a comfortable temperature without encountering any problem, AC checks are quite important. A technician will be able to detect any piece of your system that may fail soon, and replace it before it causes any damage. Regular air conditioning services in Largo allows you to stay proactive in keeping your cooling system functioning at peak efficiency.

Homeowners, who decide AC maintenance is not something they need, often end up calling us for emergencies because the normal wear of the unit is starting to become a problem. Three of the most common signs that indicate your home needs air conditioning services to include:

  1. Changes in your electrical bill without a change in usage
  2. Rooms cooling faster than others
  3. Strange noises and smells

An expert will verify that your unit and all of its pieces are in good condition, take the time to clean the coils, and perform any small repairs you may need. When you pass on short maintenance visits, you risk having to deal with large and expensive issues in the future. You probably are not looking forward to needing to replace the entire unit, which sometimes happens when small problems are not taken care of early.

When is the best time?

It can be difficult to determine the best time to get a routine maintenance check when your unit seems to be working great. Transitional times between seasons, like fall, are usually best since you may turn the unit off for a few months. A technician can ensure your AC is turned off correctly and will be ready to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when Largo warms up again in a few months.

Give us a call at 727-822-7700 to learn more about Total Air and to see how our Largo air conditioning services can help you.

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