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With winter ending and the balmy Florida weather already creeping into the new year, a heating company can help us make sure our units are ready to take the heat. If you have lived in Largo for a while, you probably know the weather can get crazy and you may need to switch between AC and heat a couple time before setting your thermostat on cool for the summer months. Determine if your unit can handle this or if it is time to call a professional professional and upgrade to something more reliable.

Get a checkup

It is not always apparent if you need a new unit or if repairs can be made to your current one. Performing a maintenance check is a simple way to find out if your unit is at its best. A typical maintenance check includes:

  • Reviewing the system controls to make sure the system turns off and on correctly
  • Check and clean your filter
  • Clean the dirt and dust off the coils
  • Check to make sure adequate airflow is coming from the blower.

If any of these checks result in concern, your heating company experts will suggest you should investigate the problem.

Determine if you need a new system

If your system needs frequent repairs or you experience a component failure during a maintenance check, it might be time to replace your system. Also remember that a system that is 10 years or older may be causing you to spend more on electric bills than you should be. Replacing your system will lead to better performance and lower costs.

Evaluate your options

When it’s time to upgrade to a new system, have a heating company professional evaluate your Largo home to ensure you’re getting the best system for your situation. Home size and design play an important role in determining what type would work best for you. Also decide if energy efficiency and humidity are concerns for your space.

There are two options for heating and cooling your home in Florida:

  1. Straight cool systems are cooling only systems with a separate strip heater.
  2. Heat pump systems cool and heat your home but cost more than the other type of systems.

Both are adapted to Largo homes but a consultation will determine the best choice.

Choose the right system

Don’t get stuck with a heater that doesn’t work the next time you’re trying to turn in on. Be proactive and get a free estimate of the heating company professionals at Total Air. Call us today (727) 822-7700 for your.