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air conditioning repair services

Most air conditioning repair services have seen it all, from bad installations to blown-out breakers. But there are some AC repair services that are more common than others. If you’re wondering what might be causing an issue with your AC unit, check this list first to see if it’s a simple problem you can fix yourself, or if you should call in the experts at your local HVAC company.

If You’re Not Getting Cold Air From Your Air Conditioner…

  • First, always double check to see that the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the designated temperature is below the current room temperature.
  • Make sure that all of the windows in your house are closed and the AC vents are open.
  • Check that all power connections are working properly for indoor and outdoor units. Check your home breakers, if necessary.
  • If the power is on and running, see if there is a simple “reset” button on your outdoor unit. This is usually a big red button near the refrigerant line.
  • Take a look at your air filter. If it is dirty or clogged — or if you can’t remember ever replacing it — it may be preventing air from flowing through, which could back up and cause damage to your entire unit. Set a calendar reminder to replace your filter regularly, every three to four months is ideal.
  • Check your unit’s breakers, if applicable, to see if they’ve been tripped. Also check the connection of the fuses.
  • Check the condensation pump to make sure it isn’t full or overflowing.

If none of these solutions work in getting your AC running again, it’s time to call in the air conditioning repair services. You may have an issue with your refrigerant flow, charge, or a faulty metering device. Or, you may simply have broken parts that need fixing or replacing.

One of the best ways to prevent major AC breakdowns is with regular maintenance. Only 42% of customers with central air equipment get it serviced annually, but doing so could help improve your unit’s functioning and even prolong its life.

If you need air conditioning repair services and you just can’t figure out what’s wrong, don’t hesitate to call the experts. When it comes to your HVAC equipment, it’s often best to leave it to the professionals.