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4 Common Air Conditioning Problems to Look Out For
Just because the summer is over doesn't mean you should ignore your home's air conditioners, especially if they are old. Roughly 20% of the homes…
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Over the Winter: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important
Approximately two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners. Additionally, about 20% of all the homes that were constructed during the 1980s have…
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3 FAQs For Improving Your Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency
Whether you're running a small business or a large corporation, you need to make sure your employees have a comfortable working environment. Without functioning heating…
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3 Tips For Finding Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services
Approximately two-thirds of all homes across the United States have air conditioners. It's imperative to not only have these AC units inside your home to…
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Business Essentials: Energy Usage, Security, And Parking
Congratulations! You are finally opening your very own small business. What an exciting time. You already are aware of all the dozens of financial and…
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Maximize Building Comfort and Efficiency With Quality Air Conditioning
For families and business owners across the country, air conditioning is an essential part of life -- especially during the brutally hot summers. Without an…
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What’s the Best Way to Run an Air Conditioner?
Now that temperatures are heating up and the summer season is right around the corner, many Americans are getting ready to switch on their AC…
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As a Brutal Summer Approaches, Families Need to Make Sure AC Units Are Fully Functioning
It's only May, but we've already seen temperatures in the 90s across the United States. In already-hot areas of the country like Florida, if you're…
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Start Improving Your Company’s Energy Efficiency Right Away
If you're a business owner and aren't focusing on becoming more energy efficient this year, you're going to end up struggling both in terms of…
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Understanding The Most Common Springtime AC Problems
From 2006 to 2010, an average of 79.1 million households had air conditioning without heat pumps, 55.5 million using central air conditioning and 23.6 million…
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