3 Tips For Finding Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services

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Approximately two-thirds of all homes across the United States have air conditioners. It's imperative to not only have these AC units inside your home to combat the brutal heat but to keep them functioning properly. If you aren't staying on top of your air conditioning's maintenance and repair needs, you will not only be extremely uncomfortable during the warmer months, but you'll end up spending a fortune down the line.

That's why it's so important to work with air conditioning repair professionals. Here are some great tips for finding a quality air conditioning service that can help you prepare for the brutal weather ahead.

  • Research experience -- You must make sure that the prospective HVAC company you're going to work with is extremely well versed in numerous AC maintenance services. Additionally, it’s important to check and make sure that the prospective HVAC company can replace your old units and upgrade them with energy-efficient units. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep your home cool could end up reducing energy usage for air conditioning by as much as 50%. Find out how long they have been in business, if they offer part-time services, what their contractors' education is like, and if they have any specific areas of expertise.


  • Narrow your search to local air conditioning repair companies -- You can't just Google "AC repair" and expect to find some professionals who can head over to your home right away. National searches don't work well when it comes to immediate repair work like AC maintenance. You need to narrow your search and find a great local air conditioning repair company.


  • Look up and contact references -- The best way to find out about a company's service quality is to contact and speak to past customers. You can ask each prospective organization for a list of customer references and will find out exactly what you need after contacting two or three former customers. If one person had a bad experience, you shouldn't have to worry too much. But if all you are hearing are negative reviews, that could be a red flag.

If you want to learn more about the importance of high-quality air conditioning or find a great local air conditioning repair service near you, give Total Air Inc a call today.

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