A Simple Guide on How to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Home

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The hot weather of summer is here and that means your family is going to start relying more on your air conditioner than ever. Unfortunately, using your air conditioning unit often can cost a pretty penny. So follow these simple tips on how to reduce cooling costs in your home this summer!

Turn on a fan if you need some extra relief
This is an especially good hack if you are going to sleep or will be leaving the home soon. Simply turn on your ceiling fan or a portable fan to get a little air flow going in the room. While fans don’t necessarily lower the temperature of a room, they will make you feel nice and cool as air will be flowing and the room won’t be as stagnant.

Make the switch to energy efficient units
The idea is simple, the less energy you use the less your unit will cost! Simply switching to high-efficiency air conditioners can reduce energy use for your air conditioner by 20% to 50%. Just call your local AC services to find out your different options.

Avoid heat-inducing activities during the day
This means holding off on cooking, using the dishwasher or dryer, and vacuuming until the night time. Holding off will mean your home stays cool, and you can resist turning on your unit until everyone is home and can enjoy it.

Plant some trees
You want to minimize the heat that enters your home as well, so planting large shrubs and/or trees on each side of the home will go on to naturally shade your home. Focus the most attention on where the sun hits your home for the majority of the day, and once the trees are planted, your home will be instantly cooler.

Keep the windows closed when you leave the home
While you may think the opposite, leaving your windows open during the day will only bring hot air into your home. Instead, close the blinds and curtains before you leave so the sun is blocked from making the home hot. This way when you get home, your unit won’t have to work as hard when it first turns on.

Invest in regular air conditioning repair
Make sure to always contact your local air conditioning repair service at the beginning of every season to get an inspection. This way you can ensure your machine is working as efficiently as possible and there are no problems that can cause your energy bill to increase. Make sure to contact our St. Petersburg AC repair professionals for any and all your needs!

Simply follow these tips and you will soon see your cooling costs reduced. With these tips in mind, your wallet will surely thank you.

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