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Snell Isle, FL Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Total Air, Inc.

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Experts In AC Repair In Snell Isle, FL

If you are without cold air in your home and require emergency air conditioning repairs, then call Total Air Inc, the experts in AC repair in Snell Island, FL. We’ll provide you with a reliable ac repair by a certified HVAC technician you can trust.

Florida is hot. This is a fact that residents of Snell Isle, know all too well. Homes are no longer designed with enough airflow to adequately cool off a house during a heat wave by just opening the windows. As anyone who’s suffered through a summer without AC can tell you, a ceiling fan and a glass of iced tea isn’t enough to keep you comfortably cool. So as soon as your system begins to show signs of a problem, Total Air Inc. can be there for expert air conditioning repairs and diagnosis.

Provisioning Snell Isle With Total Air Comfort

Since 1997, Total Air has been the neighborhood provider of dependable air conditioning repairs and new installations. If you don’t know who to turn to, we’ll provide you with a free second opinion for your problem! Why are we considered the number one AC repair company in Snell Isle?

  • Free estimates
  • Top name brands
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast service – We’ll show up on time, every time
  • 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Special financing available with approved credit

What are you waiting for? Our trained and courteous professionals are standing by to help you out. Call today at (727) 822-7700. We proudly serve the residents of Snell Isle and surrounding areas of Pinellas County.

Do I Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

While quite often when your HVAC system breaks, it completely ceases to function and leaves you without out any temperature controlled air in your home. Sometimes there are symptoms that will manifest before a catastrophic failure occurs, which if caught soon enough, can save you money, and from being stuck in a hot house with a grumpy family.

  • Uneven cooling or not cooling as well as it used to. If some rooms have never been cooled as well as others, this could be a sign that either your AC is too small for your home, or the duct work or vent placement was installed incorrectly. However, if the air coming from your vents doesn’t seem as cold as it used to be, it could mean your system is low on Freon and needs a recharge, or that your compressor is going bad.
  • Unusual sounds. If you can hear strange sounds, such as a whirring, banging, screeching, or clunking coming from either your outdoor compressor or from inside the air vents, this could be the sign of loose parts, or an unbalanced machine. In this scenario you should immediately turn off your system and call for emergency air conditioning repairs.
  • Poor airflow. This could indicate one of two things. The first would be a problem with your fan. The second and more likely is that there is a problem in your duct work, such as a blocked airway from something falling on it, to an animal chewing a hole that’s allowing air to escape into the attic.
  • Strange odors. Different smells can mean different problems. A strong musty odor is an indication that there might be mold growing in your central ducts. On the other hand, a burning smell could potentially indicate an issue with your unit.

Contact the pros at Total Air Inc. at (727) 822-7700. We’ll come out, have a look, and let you know if you really need air conditioning repairs for your home.

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