Need a New Air Conditioner? Here Are Some Red Flags to Look Out For

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Here in Florida, we all know the power of a good air conditioner. These units are our reprieve on hot and sticky days, and we’ve probably all spent a beautiful day inside just basking in its cold air.

But sometimes these little machines have problems and need AC repair. While that’s relatively normal, there are some red flags that can signal there are problems with your unit and you need to replace it completely. How do you know if your air conditioning unit is on its last leg? Here are some signs to pay attention to.

It is nearing retirement
On average, an HVAC system lasts anywhere between 10 and 15 years. Cooling and heating equipment becomes less efficient over time, and its physical life can last longer than its economic life. What this means is that sometimes it may not be cost effective to continuously make air conditioning repairs; rather, you should just invest in a whole new unit.

You have unexplained high energy bills
An older machine has to use more energy to work efficiently and this results in higher energy bills. While yes, it is normal for some months to have higher bills than normal due to hot weather, unexplained jumps can be a sign you need to take action.

There is dust all over the place
You should never have excess dust in your home from your air conditioner. If you do, there is a problem with the air filter and it may require more attention by your local air conditioning repair service than just changing the filter. Something may be loose or completely missing, so try and keep track of how much you are dusting and if you notice something awry, don’t be afraid to seek outside help.

You’re experiencing poor air flow
Your air conditioner should cool all areas of the house evenly. If you are noticing that there are some rooms that are cooler or more humid than others, you could either have an airflow problem or a duct blockage. A simple check by your local air conditioning repair service can fix this in no time at all. However, as we mentioned above, if there’s a bigger problem causing the poor air flow, you may need a new AC altogether.

As much as we want them to, air conditioners don’t always last forever. If you start to notice any or all of these red flags, chances are you could use a new air conditioner. We promise you’ll love it just as much as your old one!

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