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What You Need to Know About AC Maintenance

Total Air, Inc.

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There aren’t many things more uncomfortable than being stuck in the middle of one of St. Petersburg’s notorious summer heatwaves without a properly functioning cooling system. Regular inspections and AC maintenance are important for preventing miserable summer months and unnecessarily high energy bills.

What Does Routine AC Maintenance Involve?

While some upkeep can, and should, be performed monthly on your own, it is important to call a professional once or twice a year to perform more in-depth inspections.


Most AC maintenance professionals would agree that the most important step in preserving your cooling system is regularly changing your filter.

When filters become clogged or dirty, airflow is blocked, which will significantly reduce efficiency. Filters should be replaced every one to two months during the hotter St. Petersburg summer months when your cooling system is used the most—closer to once a month if you have pets in your household.

Neglecting your filter can affect the evaporator coil, as the air that does pass through can carry dirt and weaken its ability to function correctly.


Additional AC maintenance includes cleaning air conditioner coils. The evaporator coil (indoor) and condenser coil (outdoor) facilitate heat transfer, so a dirty coil means a less efficient cooling system.

Although regularly changing your filter will slow down the process, evaporator coils will collect dirt over time, and condenser coils will accumulate dirt quickly if your home is in an environment with a lot of dust or surrounding foliage. Dirt and dust accumulation is a problem, as it acts as an insulator, which blocks the coils from efficiently transferring heat and properly cooling down your home.

A professional will also be able to examine any bends in your coils, which can block airflow. A fin comb can be used to get rid of any kinks in your coils.

Once a year for a newer system, or twice a year for a system more than 5 years old, you should call an AC maintenance specialist in the St. Petersburg area to clean your coils and keep your unit working efficiently.

Hiring a Professional

An HVAC specialist knows exactly what to look for to ensure your unit is functioning optimally and can fix any problems that arise. While the professionals at Total Air stress the importance of clean filters and coils, we also know that there is a lot more to AC maintenance.

Our typical service includes:

If you think it’s time to have your unit inspected, call Total Air today at 727-822-7700. We’ll make sure your St. Petersburg home is equipped with a top-notch, functioning air conditioning system in preparation for the hot summer months.

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