How To Increase Environmental Efficiency (and Save Money) on Commercial HVAC Costs

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Many businesses have to keep their air conditioners running all year long to ensure their customers are always comfortable. In places like Florida, where tourism is an essential part of the economy, keeping your guests comfortable 24/7, even in the Florida heat, is an expensive challenge. That's why so many St. Petersburg, Florida business owners are looking for innovative ways to reduce commercial HVAC costs and increase environmental efficiency.

So how can you cut back on energy costs and improve the environmental efficiency of your commercial HVAC units? According to Pacific Gas and Electric, even basic HVAC maintenance can result in major energy savings.

Use quality AC units
Energy Star certified central air conditioners have higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) and energy efficiency ratios (EER) ratings, making them approximately 15% more efficient than conventional air conditioning models.

Work with air conditioning repair services
For commercial use, whether you're using the most high-tech or advanced AC units for your commercial business or adequate conventional units, it's essential that you're staying on top of all HVAC maintenance needs. By working with a professional AC repair company, you'll be able to have the most efficient units in terms of energy use. Quality air conditioning repair services are essential for keeping your business focused on its environmental efficiency as well as saving some money on additional expenses.

Without quality air conditioning repair services, you'll not only lose on out all the environmental benefits property functioning units provide, but you'll eventually have to spend a fortune on additional HVAC costs if any system completely breaks down in the future.

Seal all heating and cooling ducts
You can actually improve your office's HVAC efficiency by 20% by ensuring that all your heating and cooling ducts are sealed. You can use mastic, foil tape, blown-in duct sealant like Aeroseal, and other sealants. If you're not comfortable with sealing the HVAC ducts yourself, be sure to consult with a professional.

Regularly change your HVAC filters
If you have a professional HVAC contractor come to your business and inspect and change your HVAC units' filters, you can reduce all wasted energy by up to 10%.

If you want to learn more about how to increase environmental efficiency and save some extra cash around your St. Petersburg business, contact Total Air Inc.

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