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Luckily, modern AC units are pretty reliable. However, the need for Clearwater air conditioning repair services can arise occasionally that require the help of a certified technician. While you don’t need to be an HVAC expert, as a homeowner, it is responsible to know what signs to look out for, and what parts of the unit might be involved.

Limited Airflow

Limited airflow is frustrating when you are trying to cool down; some common problems that cause this are:

  1. Dirty filters: When filters aren’t changed regularly, they can get so dirty that the air can’t pass through.
  2. Ductwork Problems: If your home’s ducts are clogged or leaking, cold air will be restricted from entering your home. Call a Clearwater air conditioning repair technician to inspect them.

Unit Isn’t Cooling Your Home

If you have the AC turned on, but room temperature is still 85 degrees, there are four common reasons to check out:

  1. Refrigerant: If it gets too low, or has a leak, the unit won’t be able to keep your home cool.
  2. Dirty filters: Again, this lowers airflow, reducing the unit’s ability to cool effectively.
  3. Drainage problems: If the drain is clogged, airflow will be decreased.
  4. Thermostat issues: Make sure it is set to the right temperature, and that the fan is switched on.

Unit Isn’t Turning On

When this occurs, many people panic that they need to buy a new air conditioner right away. While this may be the case, there are also some simple air conditioning repairs you can try first:

  1. Check thermostat: If your AC won’t turn on, it might just be the thermostat that is broken or is simply out of batteries.
  2. Electric control failure: This requires the help of a professional; your compressor and fan might have worn out from turning off and on so often. A trained technician in Clearwater will be able to check the electrical connections.

Total Air

No matter what AC issues you might be experiencing, at Total Air in Clearwater, we can help. We perform both air conditioning repair and maintenance services to ensure your unit is always working perfectly. Call us today for a free evaluation and quote at 727-822-7700.

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