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How to Care for Your AC Unit During the Colder Months: A Guide

Total Air, Inc.

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An air conditioner is a lifesaver during the hot summer months. But now that it is colder outside, your AC unit may be at the back of your mind. It is important not to forget your system once the temperatures drop, so here is a quick and simple list to follow in order to winterize your system. After all, doing this will prevent having to call your local air conditioning repair company once the temperatures rise!

Turn off the power
First things first, find the air conditioning circuit near your unit. It will have a metal or plastic lid. Open the container and flip the power off. Doing this will prevent the unit from turning on during warmer days, and it will keep water out of the unit that could possibly freeze.

Wash the unit
Spray the unit down with a hose to remove any dirt and debris. Then, allow the unit to dry thoroughly.

Check for dust
Excessive dust on your unit can be a sign of leaky ducts, which will not only compromise the efficiency of your machine, but will increase your electricity bill significantly.

Use foam
Foam is a great material for insulation, so it is a good idea to install foam covers around any exterior pipes that are exposed. This will protect them against cracks that can happen during freezing temperatures. Be sure to cover the pipes completely and thoroughly.

Cover the system with a tarp or plastic cover
Choose a cover that is quite sturdy and waterproof. When you wrap your unit, make sure to leave about 10 inches to a foot of open space above the ground so air can flow freely in and out, and wrap the cover with rope so it is secure and doesn’t blow away. There are even machine covers made specifically for your make and model. Contact an air conditioning repair service if you have any questions.

Keep an eye out
Don’t simply cover your machine and forget about it. Check it every week to make sure the cover is still on, and to brush off any water, branches, or dirt that has accumulated.

Have any questions about how to tend to your machine during the colder temperatures? Call our professionals at Total Air Inc, a local air conditioning repair company St. Petersburg residents rely on.

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