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air conditioning maintenance

Even though we are right in the middle of a very long — very cold — winter, homeowners should still ensure that their air conditioners are ready for the upcoming springtime weather.

The most important thing to do when it comes to taking care of your HVAC units is to stay on top of air conditioning maintenance. Many U.S. homes could benefit from regular AC repair and maintenance, as only 42% of those using central air equipment service it annually.

Here are some helpful tips and important things you should do in order to prepare your home’s air conditioners for spring:

  • Replace the filter — A clogged filter will slow down airflow inside the AC unit, subsequently leading to cooling coils freezing, potentially shutting down the entire air conditioning unit. You should inspect your AC’s filters at least once a month and replace them right away whenever they are dirty.
  • Clear out all debris — Outside units suck in all kinds of leaves, pollen, dirt, and other debris and will need to be thoroughly cleaned with a hose in order to ensure its efficiency. You should be able to perform this task yourself on a calm winter day. In order for your AC unit to properly function, you need to ensure there is a clear, unobstructed path so air can flow around it.
  • Inspect your ductwork — You should do a test run on your home’s ductwork to find out if there are any issues and malfunction. If there are any problems, you need to address them as soon as possible. If you find any leaky air ducts, you should have them fixed right away to ensure that your home’s air quality isn’t suffering.
  • Consult the pros — Though you can certainly do a few simple tasks yourself to prepare your AC units for the upcoming spring, you should still hire air conditioning maintenance professional to come over and perform professional and thorough inspection services.

If you want to learn more about the importance of staying on top of your air conditioning maintenance needs and work with trusted air conditioner repair services, give Total Air Inc. a call right away.