3 Times to Call an Air Conditioning Company

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HVAC systems can be a lot of work to keep up with, but it’s not impossible to keep up on the maintenance they need. The key to AC repairs is to pay attention and do small but consistent repairs as they come up; that way not only does your system run efficiently, but you will also have fewer large repairs to do. The thing is, to keep up on those small repairs, you need to know the signs of failing systems, so that you can call an air conditioning company as soon as AC services are needed. Check out just a few signs to watch for!

Less Cold
You would think that most people would know that this is a key sign that something is wrong, but it is often overlooked. There are now air conditioners in about two-thirds of American homes, and many don’t realize until their system is well past this point. You should keep an eye on how cold your AC system is when it’s working at full efficiency, and if it starts not getting as cold, call an air conditioning company to check it out.

Higher Costs
Most homeowners pay very close attention to what they pay in utilities every month, so if it changes, it’s likely a sign that your system isn’t running as efficiently as it can be. Currently, American AC systems take up about 5% of all electricity usage, and this is at a cost of about $11 billion to homeowners. Switching your equipment — or keeping up on maintenance — can decrease your energy usage by 20% to 50%.

Abnormal Noises
This one is obvious, but should still be noted. Even if it’s just a small noise, you should still have a professional check out your system if it starts to make strange noises. This could mean the mechanics aren’t working right together, which could cause a fire if not taken care of.

Are you in need of any air conditioning services? Have you been paying attention to these key signs to call a professional?

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