3 Crazy Things People Did Before Air Conditioning

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If your home has air conditioning, it is among the lucky 2/3 of American homes that can say the same. The American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) reports that the average human comfort range is between 72°F and 78°F. Which, thanks to all of the advancements in cooling technology and air conditioning maintenance over the past decade, is more possible than ever to achieve. But what did people do BEFORE the invention of AC? They didn't have to worry about AC repair or AC services, that's for sure. But they did have to:

Go underground
To stay out of the blazing sun, early humans used to cool off by building caves and underground rooms. (Back then, an AC repair service would have filled the holes in your sun-blocking mud roof.) This method was so effective in keeping the inhabitants nice and chilly, we continue to build "buried" houses and buildings to this very day. If you didn't have a nice sub-level mud hut to chill in, maybe you would...

Sleep on the porch
Once we moved out of the mud caves and into the neighborhood, we found that the heat was really on. It would get so unbearably hot indoors, many people would resort to sleeping out on the porch. The heat turned the porch into a common hang-out spot, where you could commiserate with your neighbors about how brutally hot it was. Some people even slept out on the fire escapes! But if you were afraid of heights, you could always...

Put your underwear in the freezer
I know this sounds like a strangely directed prank, but people used to beat the heat by refrigerating their linens. Sheets, underwear, towels, whatever was going to come in contact with your sweltering self was free game for the fridge. My question is: Why didn't they just leave the fridge open? The world may never know.

So don't take your AC unit for granted! Make sure you find a local air conditioning service that can conduct routine air conditioning maintenance. Otherwise, you may end up having to freeze your underwear.

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