Why Now is the Ideal Time to Purchase a New AC Unit

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As the weather warms up, you are probably starting to crack open the windows and you may even be pulling the fan out of the closet. Soon, it will be warm enough that even your heavy-duty electric fan won’t cut it and you will be tempted to switch on the air conditioning.

But maybe you don’t have an air conditioner, or maybe your AC is on its last legs. After all, they do become less efficient over time. Like your laptop computer, the physical life of your HVAC equipment can often be longer than its economic life. Replacing air conditioning equipment, particularly units that are over 15 years old, can result in major energy savings. So, what do you do? When is the ideal time to shop for a new air conditioning unit?

You might think you can put it off for another couple of months. The temperature is still pretty cool and maybe you can find an air conditioning company that offers a great memorial day sale. That may be true, but it is best to take care of the issue now rather than to scramble for a solution during peak AC season when you’re melting into your black leather couch. The best time to shop around for a new air conditioning service is in the springtime.

For one thing, the early spring months are slower for air conditioning contractors, so you are less likely to have to wait for installation. Two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. If you wait until the middle of summer to have your unit serviced, you will be competing with many other AC owners for the HVAC company’s immediate attention.

Many air conditioning services will offer preseason discounts in order to generate business during the slower times of the year. Take advantage of these low prices! Purchase early to get the best deals and avoid the crowds. This will also allow you to take your time when choosing the perfect AC unit. Don’t wait until you are desperate. Spend time doing research and calculating costs.

The end of April is approaching and we are running out of time to properly equip our homes for the impending hot weather. Don’t procrastinate. Buy a new air conditioner today.

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