HVAC Warning: Identifying Signs and Preventing Danger

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Being a homeowner can be a lot of fun but it's also a major responsibility. Not only do you have to look after your family, pay all the bills, and keep food in your house, you have to ensure that everything in your home is working properly. Staying on top of your HVAC services, for example, is an integral part of being a homeowner, and the stakes are actually higher than most people realize.

In 2010, it's estimated that air continuing units, fans, and other related pieces of HVAC equipment were involved in roughly 7,400 U.S. home structure fires. In order to prevent these dangerous home fires, you need to both know how to identify potential warning signs and how to actually stop these problems from getting worse.

Here are a few warning signs that could mean your home is in jeopardy from fault heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. Contact professional HVAC services right away if your heating and cooling units are doing any of the following:

    1. Your HVAC system smells like rotten eggs -- Whenever you smell rotten eggs inside your home, it's a clear sign that something is dangerously wrong. Either you need to clean out your refrigerator, or you need to call the fire department. A rotten egg smell is most oftenly associated with a gas leak, which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and explosions in the home. If your HVAC system smells like rotten eggs, you need to address it right away because there could be a serious and dangerous gas leak inside your home.


    1. The unit feels like it's overheating -- If your HVAC units feel extremely hot to the touch, there is something wrong with them. The system's motor could be producing much more energy than necessary or there could be a problem with the unit's wiring. Either way, these issues can result in a small electrical fire that could lead to serious home damage.


  1. There are puddles surrounding the unit -- If you notice any large leaks from your HVAC system or any surrounding puddles, you need to have your systems inspected right away. Puddles can lead to mold buildup and other issues. They also mean your HVAC unit isn't working properly and more problems can arise as a result.

In addition to staying on the alert for these red flags, knowing how to keep your HVAC units functioning properly is just as important. Here are a few good ways to avoid these warning signs and HVAC dangers:

    1. Make sure your unit is plugged into a three-prong outlet and your home's wiring is sufficient.


    1. Make sure your units are inspected a few times a year.


  1. Make sure that you (or a professional) change your unit's filters regularly.

If you're in need of HVAC services from a professional HVAC repair company in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact Total Air Inc today.

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