Five Hot Questions About Air Conditioning Repairs

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Some like it hot, it’s true, but not too many like it too hot. When the temperature soars, air conditioning provides instant relief with cool, clean air. But what if your air conditioning unit doesn’t work? Here are five important questions to ask about air conditioning repairs before you let anyone fix your AC system. 

First Question: Ask About the Hourly Rate

When you contact an AC repair company, make sure you ask them about the hourly rate that they charge for repairs. Ask them if they have a separate charge for a service call. Find out their fee structure for weekends, evenings and holidays. Do they charge an hourly rate for those times? Is it comparable to their hourly rate on weekdays? And don’t be afraid to ask them how the hourly rate for repairs in their company compares to the hourly rate that they charge for other services, such as installations.

Second Question: Ask About the Scope of Services

If you are considering using a particular air conditioning company, you have to find out about the scope of services that they provide. Ask them what else they do as part of their daily operations. For instance, ask them about the removal of old equipment when new equipment is installed. Ask them if they have pipe fitters and plumbers to help with a service call and or on an air conditioning installation job. And be sure to ask them if the technicians they have are all on staff, in-house employees of the company, or if they also use freelance technicians, or subs, to go on service calls and make deliveries and installations.

Third Question: Ask About the Service Call Response Time

A good air conditioning repair company will want to tell you up front about their service call response time. But if they do not offer this information, be sure that you ask them for it. You want to know about the service call response time for their company: do you have to wait hours, overnight? Is there always an answering service? Do they give you an estimated time of arrival? Do they text you a half hour prior to arriving at your home? Does the response time vary depending on whether or not it’s a weekday, weekend, or a holiday? You need to know what to expect in case you have to call them again for another service call, after they fix your unit this time.

Fourth Question: Ask About the Terms of Payment

Be sure and ask the air conditioning repair company about the terms of payment that they expect from their customers. Be specific. Do they require cash? Will they accept checks or credit cards? Ask if they require a down payment on services, and if so, how much. Ask if you will be allowed to pay in installments. Also, find out about the guarantee/warranty they offer. Be sure that you are satisfied with all the terms of payment before you agree to work with the company. 

Fifth Question: Ask About References From Current Customers

This is a key question for you as a consumer. The air conditioning contractor should expect this question from you. And they may even offer you this information before you ask for it. If they do, that is a very good indication of their reliability and honesty. Some air conditioning repair companies have customer testimonials online, and some also have printed materials. Also, references may be included in advertisements.

Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, one of the most important benefits of finding a good air conditioning repair service is that it improves the quality of life for those living in the home, or working in the building. And replacing older central AC equipment, particularly elements that are over 15 years old, may even save you more money by using less energy. Making the AC system more efficient leads to a healthier, happier atmosphere which is a great benefit for everyone. And knowing about charges and scheduling ahead of time ensures that you won’t have any unwelcome surprises.

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