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We live in a very busy society, and most families are always on the go. Between work and school, to sports and events, sometimes it can feel like taking time to keep your household in order is nearly impossible—never mind staying on top of seemingly unimportant tasks like fine tuning your air conditioner. But believe it or not, hiring a Largo company for regular AC services can actually make your life a little less stressful. At Total Air, we may not be able to help you out with carpool rides, but we can help you lower the costs of your utility bills and make the air in your home cleaner and more comfortable!

Did you know that you are supposed to change your air conditioner’s filter every month? Maybe. But have you actually been doing it? Probably not. It’s important for families in Largo to realize that the humidity down here makes regular AC maintenance that much more important.

Yes, we’re lucky to have warm weather and sunshine year round, but perhaps the price we have to pay for it is that we need to get regular AC service and maintenance. But at Total Air, we make sure that the “price” you have to pay for this is actually affordable! We make sure our services are so swift and efficient that you’ll hardly even notice you hired us in the first place—other than, of course, the noticeably cooler and cleaner air throughout your home!

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement

We offer full air conditioning maintenance and repairs throughout Largo, Clearwater and St. Petersburg areas. When you work with us, you won’t ever have to worry about your air conditioning system again, or the air you are breathing. Our regular AC services include:

  • System control review: To make sure everything is operating efficiently
  • Filter checks/replacements: Once a month—so you won’t ever have to remember again!
  • Part lubrication: To make sure nothing is causing friction, and to make sure your unit isn’t working harder than it needs to be
  • Electrical component check: To make sure it is operating as safely as possible
  • Thermostat checks: Because you want to make sure the setting you put it to will actually translate through the vents
  • Coiling cleaning: To prevent dirt buildup and increase lifespan of your unit while decreasing its energy usage (read: lower utility bills for you!)

To get started, or to learn more about the benefits of our regular AC services and maintenance in Largo, such as discounts on parts and air quality products, as well as priority service, give us a call today (727) 822-7700!