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Multi-Position Air Handler

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Mitsubishi: MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler

Traditionally homes have relied on furnaces or forced air systems usually placed within attics or basements. These one-size fits all systems simply do not fit today’s home cooling and heating needs, as they’re often large and inefficient. Introducing the next innovation from Mitsubishi Electric, the MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler. From one room to every room, Mitsubishi Electric has a solution for your home. For example, an older system located in the basement or attic can be removed, and the MVZ is placed in the old system’s location, utilizing the existing ducting throughout the home. The Mitsubishi MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler model is a convenient solution to virtually any large format residential HVAC application. The MVZ’s versatile construction makes it great for any application in any location.

Designed to be easily disassembled, the MVZ fits through even the smallest access panel. For added flexibility, the unit may also be mounted on its side. Features include customized airflow strength to ensure desired comfort is maintained throughout the home, performance in any environment with full one-inch R4.2 insulation, convenient to any application with multi-position installation requiring no additional kits even for down flow configuration, environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant, fiberglass-free construction, allows for space conditioning of an entire floor.

For those homes with additional cold or warm spots, the capability of the MVZ can be enhanced by connecting up to six additional individual indoor air handling units to the MXZ Outdoor Condensing Unit, providing added comfort conditioning to the rooms requiring individual comfort control. As part of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Comfort System, this added feature allows an on-demand comfort in one room or every room in your home while cutting the energy costs by 40%. For more information on the MVZ and the Diamond Comfort System, visit us online at to learn more. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating. Make comfort personal.

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