Does Your Air Conditioner Keep Breaking? Here’s Why…

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Well the numbers are in, and we now know that this summer has been the hottest season recorded since record keeping began back in the 19th century. And if you live in Florida or any other warm region, that likely doesn't come as a surprise. Fortunately, the HVAC industry has produced a number of innovations in recent years to help keep us cool more efficiently, like higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) and improved air filters.

According to the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, humans feel most comfortable in the summer wearing light clothing, in temperatures between 72 and 28 degrees, and 35-65% humidity. During a summer like this, that means it's basically impossible to stay comfortable without a working air conditioner. Unfortunately, this summer has also been a busy season for any HVAC company providing air conditioning repair service.

So if you're wondering why your air conditioner keeps breaking down, here's a quick checklist to consider:

    • Do you have children/dumb roommates/an incompetent boyfriend in the house? Some people don't realize that you can't set the air conditioning unit to 55 degrees to get the house cooler faster. If someone's been messing with your thermostat, then you'll have to keep calling your local HVAC company for AC repair service until they wise up.


    • Another often-overlooked source of air conditioning service calls? Dirty, clogged air filters. Change them yourself, and you can save yourself another visit from the HVAC company.


  • Like all appliances, your air conditioner is subject to wear and tear. And about 20% of homes built before 1990 still have rusty old HVAC equipment that's hanging on by a thread. Investing in a new air conditioning installation instead of calling for repairs (again) could reduce energy use by up to 50%.

And finally, if you keep calling an HVAC company to come repair your unit over and over, and if you've eliminated the possibilities above, then there's only one more thing you can do. Find another HVAC company!

The best air conditioning services won't just but a bandage on your unit to keep it running for another few months, they'll make sure your entire system is running properly.

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