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What Do The Experts Say About Air Conditioning Maintenance?
Did you know that when it comes to air conditioning maintenance only 42% of homeowners are getting the maintenance that they need to protect their…
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Signs You Are in Need of an AC Repair
One essential part of home ownership is maintenance and repair, including regular assessment of your air conditioning unit. Two-thirds of all the houses in the…
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Where Should You Go for Air Conditioning Service?
Just think of how miserable life would be without air conditioning. Everyone has experienced those still days when there isn't even a hint of a…
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5 Ways a Local Air Conditioning Repair Company Can Handle Refrigerant
A refrigerant causes the AC to cool a room by cycling through the system. It moves between two coils that serve different purposes. When you…
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Does Your AC Need a Little TLC?
Your air conditioning unit is likely one of the most important parts of your home. You use your AC unit to stay cool in the…
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Here’s How to Capitalize on Your AC Repair
Now that the warmer months are approaching, we all want to be sure that our air conditioning -- however we get it -- is in…
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Why Is it Important to Do AC Maintenance in the Spring?
With two-thirds of U.S. homes having air conditioners, many homeowners often find themselves wondering when the best time to schedule AC repair services is. While…
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4 Great Ways to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient
You should always stay on top of your home's bills, keep it as clean as possible, and make sure your home is well stocked with…
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Five Hot Questions About Air Conditioning Repairs
Some like it hot, it’s true, but not too many like it too hot. When the temperature soars, air conditioning provides instant relief with cool, clean air.…
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4 Tips For Getting Your AC Ready For Springtime
Even though we are right in the middle of a very long -- very cold -- winter, homeowners should still ensure that their air conditioners…
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4 Common Air Conditioning Problems to Look Out For
Just because the summer is over doesn't mean you should ignore your home's air conditioners, especially if they are old. Roughly 20% of the homes…
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Over the Winter: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important
Approximately two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners. Additionally, about 20% of all the homes that were constructed during the 1980s have…
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3 FAQs For Improving Your Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency
Whether you're running a small business or a large corporation, you need to make sure your employees have a comfortable working environment. Without functioning heating…
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3 Tips For Finding Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services
Approximately two-thirds of all homes across the United States have air conditioners. It's imperative to not only have these AC units inside your home to…
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Business Essentials: Energy Usage, Security, And Parking
Congratulations! You are finally opening your very own small business. What an exciting time. You already are aware of all the dozens of financial and…
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Maximize Building Comfort and Efficiency With Quality Air Conditioning
For families and business owners across the country, air conditioning is an essential part of life -- especially during the brutally hot summers. Without an…
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What’s the Best Way to Run an Air Conditioner?
Now that temperatures are heating up and the summer season is right around the corner, many Americans are getting ready to switch on their AC…
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As a Brutal Summer Approaches, Families Need to Make Sure AC Units Are Fully Functioning
It's only May, but we've already seen temperatures in the 90s across the United States. In already-hot areas of the country like Florida, if you're…
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Start Improving Your Company’s Energy Efficiency Right Away
If you're a business owner and aren't focusing on becoming more energy efficient this year, you're going to end up struggling both in terms of…
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Understanding The Most Common Springtime AC Problems
From 2006 to 2010, an average of 79.1 million households had air conditioning without heat pumps, 55.5 million using central air conditioning and 23.6 million…
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Go Green, Save Green: AC Maintenance Tips To Save Energy and Money
These days, homeowners are more concerned with making a positive environmental impact than ever before. And of course, the average homeowner would likely love to…
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Nightmare Scenario: Dealing With Florida Heat Without Air Conditioning
Though air conditioners use up 5% of all the electricity produced throughout the United States and cost homeowners more than $11 billion each year, they…
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How To Increase Environmental Efficiency (and Save Money) on Commercial HVAC Costs
Many businesses have to keep their air conditioners running all year long to ensure their customers are always comfortable. In places like Florida, where tourism…
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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Home’s Air Conditioning
You should always monitor your home's air conditioning units. Without proper air conditioning, your home will not only be misusing its energy output, causing financial…
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Caring for Your AC Unit in the Winter
About 20% of all homes built through the 1980s have air conditioning equipment that is well over 20 years old. If you have an air…
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First-Time Homeowner? Learn How to Save
There are so many things to remember when you’re a homeowner. If you’re just starting out in your very first home, all these responsibilities can…
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It’s Best Not to Wait: Winterize Your Florida Home Right Away
If you haven't done so already, it's time to get to work and start winterizing your home. December is already here and the cooler weather…
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HVAC Warning: Identifying Signs and Preventing Danger
Being a homeowner can be a lot of fun but it's also a major responsibility. Not only do you have to look after your family,…
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Air Conditioning Queries: Important Questions To Ask Your AC Contractor
Much of the nation has switched off their air conditioning units for the season in preparation for fall. But in St. Petersburg, having reliable air…
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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Indoor Air As Clean As Can Be
Now that summer is officially over, the weather is getting cooler and we're spending more time inside. But, unfortunately, you may be breathing in the…
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Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You
It's safe to say that air conditioners are one of the best things to have in any home, especially in Florida. There's nothing like walking…
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Repair Vs. Replace: What Makes The Most (Dollars And) Cents For Your Air Conditioner?
You should use an air conditioning repair company when... Your unit is relatively new If you've purchased a unit within the last few years, it's…
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Need a New Air Conditioner? Here Are Some Red Flags to Look Out For
Here in Florida, we all know the power of a good air conditioner. These units are our reprieve on hot and sticky days, and we've…
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Is it Time to Purchase a Brand New Air Conditioner? Part 2
In our previous post, we discussed some factors to consider when it comes to replacing your air conditioning unit. Considering that two-thirds of all homes…
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Is it Time to Purchase a Brand New Air Conditioner? Part 1
We all love our air conditioners, especially on hot, humid days. But many homeowners often forget the fact that these units need to be taken…
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Red Flags That Signal You Need Air Conditioning Repair: Part 2
In our previous post, we explained some red flags that signify to any homeowner the need for air conditioning repair. There are plenty of different…
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Red Flags That Signal You Need Air Conditioning Repair: Part 1
Air conditioning is all too important on hot days, especially now that we are in the middle of summer. However, the effectiveness of your machine…
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4 Facts You May Not Have Known About Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is something we as Americans often take for granted. We’re able to stay cool inside our homes during the summer months whereas great-great-grandparents…
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A Simple Guide on How to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Home
The hot weather of summer is here and that means your family is going to start relying more on your air conditioner than ever. Unfortunately,…
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How Can I Prevent Frequent Repairs on My AC Unit: A Guide
A full two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners, and to keep cool all year round it is crucial that you…
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3 Homeowner Mistakes Involving Air Conditioners
There are many responsibilities that go along with being a home and property owner. If you want to be a successful homeowner, then you have…
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3 Sneaky Culprits Behind Poor Air Quality in Your Home
As a homeowner, think about the last time you thought about anything to do with the air quality of your home. Chances are, you most…
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Your Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist
Spring is officially here, which means it's the perfect time to get your air conditioning in working order for the summer. Although you may not…
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Preventative Maintenance and Your Air Conditioning Unit: Why It Is Important
Over two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners. These miracle workers are fantastic, especially if you live in a climate like Flordia's,…
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How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home: A Quick and Easy Guide
Even though the temperatures outside may be slightly dropping, doesn't mean you should ignore your air conditioning unit! While having cool air may not be…
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The Most Common Problems Seen By Air Conditioning Repair Services
Most air conditioning repair services have seen it all, from bad installations to blown-out breakers. But there are some AC repair services that are more…
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How to Care for Your AC Unit During the Colder Months: A Guide
An air conditioner is a lifesaver during the hot summer months. But now that it is colder outside, your AC unit may be at the…
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Nations Around the World Come Together to Prevent Climate Change
It is no secret that as Americans, we love our air conditioners. In fact, over two-thirds of all homes across the nation utilize some sort…
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Ask Before You Hire: 5 Questions for an Air Conditioning Repair Service
Many air conditioning units are built to last for a long time, but even the best makes and models sometimes require service, repairs, or even…
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5 Signs It’s Time to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Company
If you've grown up in homes with central air conditioning, then it's easy to take air conditioners for granted. Until, that is, you're the one…
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