Americans Are Spending $11 Billion a Year to Heat Their Homes — Here’s How You Can Save Money!

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Studies show that there is an air conditioner in two-thirds of all U.S. homes. That probably seems surprising. After all, that means air conditioners are more common than toasters are said to be! But that -- as well as a handful of other surprising facts about the heating and air conditioning industry -- are completely true. The widespread usage of air conditioners in the U.S. alone costs its homeowners $11 billion to maintain, and accounts for about 5% of all electricity used in the United States. With that kind of guaranteed customer base, it kind of makes you want to start an HVAC company, doesn't it?

The amount of energy used isn't used out of pure necessity, however. Much of it is actually attributable to loss, as not all air conditioning systems are as efficient as they can and should be. This results in the leaking of humidity, clean air, and can cost you big bucks as you pay to heat and cool your home more than is necessary.

Think of your home as a drinking glass. Think of the nice, cool, conditioned air that you're pumping in as water. With an efficient system, the water (cool air) goes right into the glass (your home) and stays there until you make a change. This is not the case with more inefficient systems, which are usually comprised of older or misfitted equipment. That same water filling up that same glass drains out of a hole that someone poked in the bottom. In other words, you are paying to refill a leaky glass!

So, what do we do about the energy loss problem? Well, about 20% of the homes built in the 1980s still have air conditioning equipment from that time period. Those units are not very efficient (especially by this point in time), and any air conditioning service or HVAC company will tell you -- keeping those things around translates to a monumental loss of energy.

A lot of U.S. homes could also benefit from having more regular maintenance performed. Studies show that only about 46% of homeowners have their air conditioners serviced annually. In more ways than one, the huge cost of keeping the nation air conditioned is the fault of our outdated equipment and our tendency to wait until an emergency occurs before having a professional inspect any of it.

It would probably be wise then to contact an AC repair company. Being a very common and depended upon staple of society, a lot of people are familiar with the technology, even if they've never worked for an HVAC company. Whoever you end up choosing, you stand to save a ton of money!

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