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Air Conditioning Repair Pinellas Park FL

We understand how crucial it is to have your AC working at full capacity to give you the most comfortable environment. That’s why AC repair is a serious business and having a perfectly functioning Air Conditioner is so important. No matter how you may try to prevent any issues, it is bound to happen…There is no need to worry. Total Air Inc. provides expert Air Conditioner Tune-ups, AC preventative maintenance, and Air Conditioning Service and AC repair in Pinellas Park, FL and surrounding areas at an affordable rate.

Pinellas Park Air Conditioning Repair Experts

When the Florida heat pumps up, the last thing you need is for your air conditioning system to stop working. Sometimes your AC will act up and when it does, you can count on the quick and dependable AC Repair Service from Total Air Inc. We understand the importance of a fully functioning Air Conditioner and make your AC concerns a top priority.

At Total Air Inc. we are committed to keeping our customers in Pinellas Park and throughout the Pinellas Park area, cool and comfortable. Our experienced and highly trained HVAC technicians will provide the prompt, high quality air conditioning repair service needed to get your air conditioning systems up and running smoothly.

If your Air Conditioning unit is blowing hot air, making strange rattling sounds, or won’t turn on at all, give us a call here at Total Air Inc., (727) 822-7700. We will be there to solve any of your Air Conditioning problems. When it comes to Florida heat, AC Repair is crucial for any situation, large or small.

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Great and efficient service.

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I will recommend Total Air in a heartbeat 💓.

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Professional service. Knowledgeable installation. Much helpful information.

Review of Total Air, Inc.

Tabatha S.

Tabatha S.

Upon arrival performed maintenance. Instected systems coils, pressures electrical components, and filter. Cleared out drain line. Found the 45/5 MFD capacitor at the condenser was reading extremely low. After showing we moved forward on replacing. The capacitor comes with a 5 year warranty. Left system in good working order.

Near 96th Terrace N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Tabatha S.

Tabatha S.

Upon arrival performed maintenance. Inspected system and system operations. Checked pressures, electrical components, Coil, and cleared out drain line. The dual run capacitor at the condenser is reading low. It is supposed to be reading 35/5 it is reading 33/4. Due to this part reading lower than its allowance it can fail at anytime. Recommend on replacing. Got ahold of Bonnie and we moved forward on replacing the capacitor. Left system in good working order.

Near Gretna Green Ct, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Upon arrival found that the condenser control board shorted ou due to a lizard getting behind it. I bypassed the board to get the customer cooling for the night (she approved it). At the time supply house is closed so I could not gather any info. Please contact customer with pricing, approval and scheduling for repairs. Left the system running.

Near 52nd Way N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Installed economy UV light with no issues. Left system running.

Near 65th Terrace, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

When I arrived I found that the unit was frozen. I put in in heat mode to defrost the coil faster. Then I checked my pressures and the pressures are good. The unit is freezing up due to not enough air flow the supply flex is full of water and needs to be replaced. I couldn't get under the house to investigate further because of the opening is too small and I couldn't fit. I recommend we replace the wet flex and recalculate the duct size. I took amp draws on all motors and everything is working fine. That's what led me to believe that the unit has improper air flow. I cleared out the drain but the inside of the blower portion was full with water, the supply duct itself is wet too and now is sagging downtown the ground. I ran the fan in on position and told the customer just to let it run over night. P.S. in order to get under this house we will need a very skinny guy or like 2 guys to move the unit out of the way to get in. The part of the wall that's here is way too heavy to move an

Near 84th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

I performed a maintenance. I checked heat operation, electrical componants and flushed drain line with cleaner.. I replaced the EAC filter.. The air handler is contaminated with growth. I highly recommend on installing a uv light. Since we installed a EAC, I will like to give John a discount on the pure air X uv light. I will check with the office in the morning.. John has the senior care agreement.l

Near 109 Terrace N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Completed member tune up #1. I installed the WiFi thermostat but the screen wouldn’t light up and I wasn’t getting the proper low voltage. I reinstalled his thermostat and everything works fine. My truck stock WiFi thermostat seems to be defective. We rescheduled to come back Tuesday, 1/7/2020 with another WiFi thermostat and install it. I left the system in good running order. Returned to install the WiFi thermostat and the screen still wouldn’t light and improper low voltage. I found the low voltage wire from the thermostat is a smaller guage wire spliced into a bigger gauge wire going to the package unit. We would have to run a whole new length of thermostat wire. He approved the job. This is a 2 man job because some one will have to go under the mobile home while another person is inside to run the new thermostat wire. Materials: WiFi thermostat, 30 feet of thermostat wire for 2 stage cooling heat pump system. He said Monday or Friday after noon are better for them. We can ca

Near E St, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Upon arrival found the system with bad electric heat. Customer wants to move forward. We need to order the part. 7.5 kw Replce the heater left the system working properly

Near 66th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

I performed a complete tune up on the ac system and cleared the drain line. I changed the filter and checked both heat and cool. C/U- has a weak capacitor ( 35/5) it was reading 15/5. The customer gave the okay to change it. Everything else checked out to be in proper working condition. I left the system in good working order.

Near 100th Terrace N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Upon customer explained the concerns that she had, so I inspected and cycled the system found the the unit has blower capacitor weak running 1.7 mfd at the 10 mfd. in the outdoor unit found the condenser fan motor is running over amps probably cause weak dual run capacitor running at 4.1 mfd minimum request 4.7mfd. Recommend replace blower motor capacitor and dual capacitor. And replaced the motor under warranty. Customer declined all repairs for now.

Near 80th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781