Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You

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It's safe to say that air conditioners are one of the best things to have in any home, especially in Florida. There's nothing like walking into a nice cool home after spending a sweltering day outside, but this can only be possible if a homeowner invests in the right preventative maintenance for their HVAC unit.

But there are a lot of rumors out there when it comes to air conditioning services and how to properly care for your home's AC unit. Unfortunately, these myths can cost you, so here are some myths not to believe when it comes to your air conditioning.

Closing vents is the best way to concentrate air into one room
Many homeowners believe that the easiest way to make one area of the home cooler than the others is to close off the vents in one room. However, most air conditioning units pump air throughout the entire home and rely on one circular motion of air to keep the home cool. So if one room is blocked off, the machine may actually have to work harder to cool the home.

Turning up the temperature on the thermostat is the fastest way to cool the home.
This is untrue simply because an air conditioner's thermostat works gradually, meaning it will take the same amount of time to cool the home at 65 degrees than it would at 70 degrees. While it's true that turning the temperature down will eventually cool the home, it won't make the machine work any faster.

It is normal for the AC unit to smell and make noises
Yes, the occasional squeak is normal. It is also not uncommon for the unit to smell the first time you turn it on after a while, but consistent squeaking, banging and odd smells means you could be in need of some AC repair right away.

Energy efficient systems are all talk
Making the switch to a high-efficiency air conditioner can actually reduce your energy use by 20% to 50%. These machines do tend to be a bit more expensive than your average air conditioning services, but they do have an incredible ROI if used regularly.

When given some tender love and care, your air conditioner can last a long time. So don't believe these myths, and both your home and your wallet will thank you! Have any questions concerning your home's HVAC unit? If so, don't hesitate to contact our AC repair company today.

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